Travel, Visas and Relocation


Advance purchase airfares to Ecuador are relatively economical and there are a number of airlines flying to Ecuador. Both Quito and Guayaquil have modern, well-serviced international airports. 

There are several good internet booking services that people have recommended to us: Kayak, and ITA allow you to make complex bookings. You cannot always purchase the tickets directly from these, but they link to other booking sites. Momondo is very good for point to point bookings. You can also consider flying through Bogota with Avianca or JetBlue and then connecting to an inexpensive flight from there to Ecuador. LATAM is another reliable airline that provides flights to and from Ecuador.  Currently the best booking and ticket purchase service for flights to Ecuador is Expedia. If you would like to track fares to Ecuador to purchase a ticket when prices are low, you can sign up for notifications through FareCompare, TripAdvisor or Yapta. Yapta also provides an interesting and useful service: you\'ll receive notification if the fare decreases after you\'ve already booked your ticket and you are due a refund or coupon.

We can help you with information about where to stay in Quito and Guayaquil when you first arrive. We also provide free transportation from the airport in Guayaquil to IH Montañita on the Sunday before the course starts leaving at about 2:30 PM. 

Visas and Heath Insurance

First time visitors do not need a visa to enter Ecuador, unless you hold a passport from one of these countries. You will be given leave to remain for up to 90 days.  This is the normal route taken by most of our CELTA participants.  In addition, you can extend your stay for another 90 days if you pay the respective fee.  More information about the 90 day-extension can be found here.  All the information is in Spanish so we are happy to clarify any questions you may have.

If you to wish to stay on for longer to work in Ecuador, we recommend that you bring the following documents with you: A copy of your university diploma and a police check. Both need to carry an apostille from the State Dept. (US), Foreign Office (UK) or the equivalent from your country.  If you hold a passport from the United States you need a background check from the FBI as well as the state you live in (e.g. Florida, etc). These documents are needed to obtain a work visa.  Police records or checks can be no older than six months at the date you apply for a visa.  Finally, if you wish to obtain an Ecuadorian identification card, you will need to provide your birth certificate with apostille.  This is optional and is only needed if you want an Ecuadorian ID after you get your visa.

You can obtain a list of the requirements for all visas from the government web site.  Here is a link to information pertaining to  temporary residential visas.  Furthermore, you may like to reference the Ecuadorian consulate webpage, which is in English, but be aware of conflicting information.

Those who are considering longer term stays should probably get their respective documents organised before they arrive in Ecuador. Ecuadorian visa laws are changing frequently.  It is essential that you check current regulations.

IH Montañita does not accept any responsibility for your visa arrangements.

Starting in May 2018,  all tourists that enter the country must show proof of travel medical insurance for the entirety of their stay in Ecuador.  We recommend you obtain a plan for at least 40 days.  That represents the length of the course plus a few extra days for travel, etc.  If you choose to stay longer, you need to get a plan that corresponds with the amount of days you wish to stay in Ecuador.   As stated, you will receive a 90 day tourist visa upon your arrival.

Proof includes a certificate, receipt or other supporting document showing evidence of purchase.  Both private and public insurance will be accepted.   Additionally, the law requires that the plan be full coverage.  It is safe to assume that any policy that covers a range of medical situations will be accepted.  There are abundant options for travel medical insurance online as it is common precaution taken by travelers.