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Travel and visas

Travel and Visas

Advance purchase airfares to Ecuador are getting more economical all the time as the number of airlines adding Ecuador destinations is increasing. Both Quito and Guayaquil have modern, well-serviced international airports. Currently round trip airfares from North America start at about US$800, return fares from the UK about £850 and from Australia about AU$2500. There are several good internet booking services that people have recommended to us: Kayak, and ITA allow you to make complex bookings. You cannot always purchase the tickets directly from these, but they link to other booking sites. Momondo is very good for point to point bookings. You can also consider flying through Bogotá with Avianca or JetBlue and then connecting to an inexpensive flight from there to Ecuador. Currently the best booking and ticket purchase service for flights to Ecuador is Expedia. If you would like to track fares to Ecuador to purchase a ticket when prices are low, you can sign up for notifications through FareCompare, TripAdvisor or Yapta. Yapta also provides an interesting and useful service: you'll receive notification if the fare decreases after you've already booked your ticket and you are due a refund or coupon. The centre arranges economical airport pickup on request to take you directly to your hostel/hotel in Guayaquil. The centre provides free transportation in our own van from the British School of Language in the central business district Guayaquil to Casa Cacique in Montañita on the Sunday before the course starts leaving at about 2:00 PM. To reserve a place in the van, please email your request well in advance.


Visas for working in Ecuador

If you to wish to stay on to work in Ecuador, we recommend that you get a temporary visa called the "Visa Actos de Comercio 12 IX". This visa is now available from the Ministerio de Relaciones Exteriores in Ecuador. You no longer need to worry about obtaining this visa before you arrive in Ecuador

You can obtain a list of the requirements for the Actos de Comercio 12 IX from the government web site. This visa entitles you to stay in Ecuador and undertake economic activity for up to six months. Thereafter, if you intend to stay longer, you need a regular work visa, which must be granted through the application of a sponsoring employer. You need two documents to obtain a work visa: your university or technical degree and certificate showing that you have no criminal record. Both of these documents must be authenticated with an "Apostille" from the Foreign Office or Department of State. Those who are considering longer term stays should probably get these documents organised before they arrive in Ecuador. Ecuadorian visa laws are changing frequently. It is essential that you check current regulations.

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