About TEFL

Cambridge University\\\'s CELTA is the most pestigious and widely recognized TEFL certification in the world. No other certificate can better enhance your employability in the global market. CELTA centres worldwide certify thousands of teachers each year.  Tens of thousands of CELTA qualified teachers are working right now in nearly every country in the world.

The CELTA is designed as an initial qualification for people with little or no previous language teaching experience, and the course also accommodates the needs of experienced teachers who wish to upgrade their skills with the latest proven communicative language learning methodologies.

Will you find work? Absolutely! Global demand for CELTA qualified teachers is high and shows no sign of diminishing.  Nearly every sector of the TEFL market is expanding, from employment in university language institutes to private language academies, government sponsored cultural integration programs, professional English providers, and international humanitarian and volunteer organisations.

If you\\\'re new to TEFL and you\\\'ve done some research into the options you have for certification, you\\\'re likely bewildered by the range. You\\\'re not alone — it\\\'s perfectly normal.  But in fact, your options are simple. CELTA is one of only three TEFL certifications with truly global recognition, and among them, it\\\'s by far the most widely accepted. A TEFL certificate is not internationally recognised just because it says so on a centre\\\'s website!  Find out more about CELTA from the University of Cambridge.

CELTA certified teachers are right now working in universities worldwide, are teaching in the best private language academies, are providing language and communications training to professionals in multinational and local enterprises and officials in non-governmental organisations and government agencies, are independent entrepreneurs offering private language lessons to individuals and organisations, and even training other teachers. Your certification is a passport to an enormous range of opportunity.